Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let's restart a bit, shall we?

Okay. Hold on.

A lot has happened since I previously posted in this blog little under a year ago. Suffice to say, a lot has happened.

The quick things- Worked an absolutely horrible job at a call center dealing with customer service for a cell phone company based in Mississippi, after all, had to pay the bills somehow.

However! During this period of which I will block out, I applied to and was accepted to grad school at Full Sail University in their relatively new Game Design Master's of Science Program.

I've also been attending said program for the past two months as well. So! In light of trying to be professional and academic, I'm going to try and cease neglecting this website, post some information about life at Full Sail and my experiences going through this Master's Program. Also going to try to talk more about games and what not, since that is my career goal now. I'm most certainly learning a great deal, far more then I ever did in New Media (for which I'm quite happy.)

Other news to report - 'Stray Dog' remains in pre-production (probably forever stuck at this point), and given the little free time I have, I'll probably have to scrap any plans for a machinima project and focus on just completing the screenplay. Once it's done I might consider a creative commons for it, and see if maybe I can get some feedback from...somewhere.

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